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3 Foods to Spice Up Dad's Backyard BBQ

Why does Dad love grilling so much? We're not sure, but we definitely are not complaining! Here are three of our Howell's Mercantile grilling favorites that will light up his grill!

1.Mild Chow Chow or Hot Chow Chow

Chow Chow is a pickled cabbage relish that is perfect for spicing up hot dogs, bratwurst & burgers. With a distinct delicious taste and vibrant color, Chow Chow helps bring out those perfectly grilled flavors, or maybe cover up some of the not so perfectly grilled flavors. (If you know what we mean.) :)

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2. Bread & Butter Pickles

We hear it all the time, "These pickles are delicious!". With a homemade taste you can't deny, you'll think they came straight from Grandma's kitchen. These pickles are a delicious addition for burgers and sandwiches. You can also pop open a jar & eat them just as they are...Mmmm....mmmm!

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3. Original BBQ Sauce

Honestly, you already know what BBQ sauce is used for. From grilling sauce to dipping sauce, this is probably the most versatile sauce in the Grill Dad's playbook. If Dad is a fan of sauces, he'll love adding this one to his collection! Fantastic on chicken!

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Serve up some love to your favorite grill master this Father's day! 

FUN FACT: All of our Howell's Mercantile canned foods are got to be NC product. What does that mean for you? You will be purchasing foods grown or sourced right here in North Carolina! You are supporting local business and local farmers, and we appreciate that so much! 


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