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3 Interesting Facts about the Cosmo

Perhaps you have found yourself in the gardening mood a bit more this year. That's great! There are so many plant varieties to explore and try. The cosmo is seasonal favorite. Here are some interesting facts on this hearty bloom! 

  1. Sun-Loving: That's right! These flowers love full sunlight. Don't be afraid to plant these beauties in direct sunlight because they'll thrive in it. I have planted mine right in the vegetable garden, with no shade whatsoever & they're doing just fine! And, if you'd rather plant them in pots, by all means go right ahead! These flowers will go great in containers as well. 
  2. Perfect Pollinators: Your garden will love having these little buddies growing along with them. Why? Your veggies actually need them! Yeah, squash, cucumbers, okra, melons & more need to be pollinated. Insects, like bees butterflies and wasps, carry pollen from one plant to another, which promotes fruit & veggie growth!
  3. Low Maintenance Beauties: Cosmos are not picky about soil conditions. Mine are in the veggie garden with no additional fertilizers...and growing strong! They range in a variety of different shades of pink, purple, orange, red, yellow & white. They stand tall & strong! Yes, these flowers will grow on a long, slim, sturdy stem. 

So there you have it! Three good reasons for you to add cosmos to your gardening list! Get out there and enjoy the bounty of beauty God has given us! Have fun!

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