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How to purchase items from our Facebook page using comments.

What is comment purchasing?

Comment purchasing is a quick way to claim and purchase items through Facebook and Instagram with a few simple keystrokes! The claim goes through an auto-invoicing system that collects your comments and gathers your claimed items into one cart. Here’s how to use it.

How to Claim Items on Facebook

Step 1 - Find something you love and want to purchase!

My, my! What do we have here? I NEED this cardigan! Let's claim it.



Step 2 - Comment exactly as the post or live sale host tells you to.

There will be a few variables you need to note. Typically, an inventory number, size, and color.




Step 3 - Now comment "sold" along with those variables.

Here we go! Come to mama!


Step 4 - Receive confirmation.

In an instant, the system will let you know you it successfully received your comment one of a few ways depending on how the seller has set it up.






If you are purchasing from a Facebook Business Page for the first time, you will receive a notification through Facebook messenger to click a URL to claim your item. The item will not be in your cart until you click that link. Note: you will only have to click to claim the first time you purchase from a Business Page. After that, items will automatically cart!



Step 5 - Register & pay!

Inside of the auto-reply there will be a link to URL where you can enter shipping information and check out.



Click the link and fill out your basic info. If you are already registered, you do not have to do this again. 

After registration, you can see the items in your cart. Then it will ask you which payment processor you prefer. This will vary depending on how the seller has set it up.



Press “Checkout” to enter payment information.

You’ll receive a message after your order is finalized.



Step 6 - Celebrate! You got it!



 Here's a video tutorial that shows this entire process start to finish!


Customer Checkout from CommentSold™ on Vimeo.

What else do you need to know?

User Errors

The system will not accept the comment if it is typed incorrectly. You will know when you receive this message-

“Our system can not determine the size or color option for your comment, please re-comment with correct size and color.”

Sold Out Items & Wait List

Do NOT fret if the item you want is sold out. You can claim the item even if it is sold out! Claiming an item when its sold out puts you on the waitlist.

What is a waitlist? It’s a queue of people who wait on the availability of the item. When it is restocked, you will receive an email (or Facebook message if that feature is enabled) that it’s available. You will have a certain amount of time to pay before its availability goes to next person in the queue. If you get put on the waitlist, you will get this message-



Cart Expirations

When sellers have cart expirations set, it will dump the items in your cart after a certain amount of time if they’re not paid for within that time frame. This allows the next person in the waitlist to be notified that the item is available for purchase.

Cart expirations are visible from your cart. You will see a countdown timer showing you how much time you have pay before that item gets dumped from your cart.

Waitlist Authorization

You may pre-authorize your card for the waitlist. This will bump you straight to the top of the queue for the items you’re waiting on. Once items you get waitlisted for comes back in stock, it will auto charge your card and your order will be completed at that time. More on waitlist authorization here.

Removing an Item From Your Cart

Click on the small trash can in the upper left corner of the item thumbnail. This also works if you want to take claimed items off the waitlist.


  1. Abide by rules and listen closely to instructions. Sellers have the ability to ban you from making comment claims.
  2. If your comment is incorrect the first time, try again!
  3. If items are sold out, be sure to get on the waitlist! Often people will take things out of their cart or fail to make payments in time. You could be next in line! Also, the seller could restock that item at a later date. You won’t know if you’re not waitlisted!
  4. Have fun! Shopping is already fun, but even more fun with the system. Waiting on the auto-reply to see where you stand in claiming an item is super exciting! Happy shopping, everyone!