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Howell’s Mercantile BEAR Jam

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This jam is one of our favorites. Howell's Mercantile BEAR Jam is made by an heirloom recipe, with ingredients including: Blueberry, Elderberry, Apple, and Raspberry. This blend of flavors is unique & absolutely delicious! You're sure to enjoy it!

Howell's Mercantile BEAR Jam is made by a Got to be NC company, using North Carolina farmer's produce.

  • Howell's Mercantile Best-Seller!
  • Customer Favorite!
  • Beary Delicious on toast, peanut butter, or anything you put jam on!
  • 18 oz Reusable Jar


Sugar, Blueberries, Raspberries, Apple Sauce ( apples, water, erythorbic acid to maintain color) Pectin Mix (sucrose, pectin, citric acid, ) Elderberries, Water.

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